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Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Samuel Teas, after being drenched in the tidal wave of junior year, and is just now crawling onto the beach that is senior year, is now Co-Editor-In-Chief of the County Line. Sam is a history enthusiast, an avid watcher of NBC’s Community, and, upon writing this, discovered a strange ardor for ocean-related metaphors. He also loves writing in all kinds of forms, from poetry to news articles and everything in between. When he’s not in room 1221, he’s probably at a national park (although that last part might be wishful thinking).

With not much more than a pen, a highlighter, and a computer used significantly more than the previous two items, Sam is excited to enter his fourth and final year of giving the people of Cinco a voice.

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Where’s everyone heading?

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
May 7, 2018

Ruminations of a senior

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
April 12, 2018

Orchestra to perform 3 pieces tonight

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
April 9, 2018
(An accomplished academic, Rhiannon felt the need to take a very in-depth approach to her idea of a perfect day).
My perfect day would start with waking up on top of my person and having a nice petting session. While my person gets in the shower, I would inspect all of my toys and such, noting that they’re all in their same places as the night before. I stand by the door while he dries off, poking as much of my arms under the door as I can to try and start a play session with his feet. Ideally my person would poke his fingers back under the door. Once that has concluded, he opens the door and I inspect the shower, as well as the toilet to make sure that everything is as it should be. While doing this, I vocally inform him of my dreams as well as my plans for the day. As a prosocial organism, I take advantage of my person sitting on the bed to put his socks on and make sure to pet him. He feels an obligation to pet me as well.
My person finishes getting ready and goes off to work,  which I assumes is going to sit in a far-away cardboard box all day. As he leaves, I jump in my box to begin my hard day at work as well, because I understand that the true form of eudaimon fulfillment, as Aristotle would think it, involves a hearty work day in which one makes contributions to the world, achieving a long-term happiness. I make sure to take breaks, however, to eat lunch and keep my rattles in line (the floor in my person’s apartment is quite uneven so they often have a life of their own). I also makes sure to keep watch, looking out the open windows and definitely not falling asleep while doing so. 
When my person returns, I greet him at the door, having just gotten off my shift as well, and I tell him all about my day, about the green rattle, which found its way into the bathroom and how I had to chase it back into the living room. I also explain how the rainbow ping-pong ball successfully retreated under the TV stand, and while I definitely have the capacity to retrieve it, I don’t have time to do everything, right? My person goes and gets the ping-pong ball and any other toys that managed to escape and rolls them back out into the living room. Diagnosed with AD/HD as a child, I am temporarily distracted by the multi-colored balls and rattles rolling around in various directions, and must round them up to return order to the apartment.
After my person sits on the couch, I take the opportunity to start petting him again. While he makes a good attempt at returning the favor, I know he’ll probably be more up to it after he eats. Just then, I hear a suspicious sound coming from all the way down the hall that, for some reason, he never hears. I dart as fast as I can down the hall into the laundry room, jumping in the washer to catch this intruder, though I too often find that this place is too dark and I am frightened. He doesn’t seem to understand this climactic struggle that has just transpired, but in a perfect day I suppose he would. After watching him eat, constantly petting me (the ball is definitely in his court now), he finally begins to pet me for about half an hour. This is the best. I curl up in my lap and purr as he alternates between his hand and the lint roller on my fur, which presents a lovely contrast for my senses. The evening generally consists of this sort of thing; I play with my toys a bit more and get petted some more. Finally, he’s ready for bed, although in my opinion, we’re not ready for bed. I return to my box and pretend that I have work to do, but he gets a treat for me, which overrides  my duties and leads me into my shoebox bed on my bed, where I eat my treat and curl up for a little bit more petting before falling asleep for the night.

[Photo] Pets of Cinco

Ana Medina, News Editor
April 1, 2018

Car Show to take place Sunday

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
March 28, 2018
Senior Diego Velaochega pummels his classmate, senior Luke Schaefer, with a snowball. Several students initiated snowball fights before school and during 2.5.

Cinco awakens to blanket of white

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
December 8, 2017

Texting while driving ban makes roads safer

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
September 19, 2017
Buffalo Bayou continues to flow rapidly after Harvey seizes a large chunk of the bank. The hurricane damaged a vast amount of land in the Houston area.

[Photo] Hurricanes, then and now

Rachel Foreman, Staff Writer
September 12, 2017
Spring Break 2.0, as it was frequently referred to, took place in April of 2016 when severe flooding shut down school for a week.

[Photo] School cancelled Aug. 25 through Sept. 10 as Hurricane Harvey floods Katy

Samuel Teas & County Line staff, Co-Editor-In-Chief
August 27, 2017

Students find unique ways to view eclipse

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief
August 22, 2017

Returning soldier surprises daughter

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
March 10, 2017

Band sweeps region auditions

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
December 23, 2016
Juniors Kyra Dyer and Sarah Christy view books on sale. The book fair was held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Library holds book fair

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
November 30, 2016
Theatre to perform Rock of Ages

Theatre to perform “Rock of Ages”

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
September 16, 2016

Boys golf takes 10th at state

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
April 27, 2016
German club celebrates the results of their competition. They will be going to state in 23 categories.

German club excels at Houston Fest

Samuel Teas, Features Editor
February 19, 2016
Dean Fuchs FFA class assists the librarians with assembly of stools at the newly installed Power Bar inside the library entrance. Students can recharge personal devices while breaking for a simultaneous reading recharge.

Library adds new ‘Power Bar’

Samuel Teas, Feature Editor
November 3, 2015
The second annual Kilometers to Combat Cancer race will be on Saturday, April 11 outside the school. The  event is completely student-organized.

Running for the cure

Samuel Teas, Staff Writer
April 10, 2015
The students and mentors  work together to complete the robot.

Head over wheels for robotics

Samuel Teas, Staff Writer
March 23, 2015
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