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Senior Reflections: Donovan Nichols

Senior Reflections: Donovan Nichols

Donovan Nichols, Co-Editor In Chief May 26, 2021

To say this year has been intense would be an understatement so big, I can’t think of any funny superlative adjectives to describe it. It’s rare to get a bonus week of Spring Break, and rarer still...

WandaVision Is An Exciting Start To A New Chapter Of Marvel (Spoiler-Free Review)

WandaVision Is An Exciting Start To A New Chapter Of Marvel (Spoiler-Free Review)

Donovan Nichols, Co-Editor In Chief February 17, 2021

With six episodes released and three more to go, WandaVision is a fantastic and bold first step from Marvel Studios into the realm of TV. The show is easily the MCU’s weirdest entry yet; the premise...

The College Board began publishing the AP Daily Videos on September 1 to assist teachers adapting to teaching online during the pandemic.
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An Open Letter to the College Board

Yoonsoo (Seth) Choi, News Editor November 13, 2020

This summer, I couldn’t wait for September 1 because that was the day the College Board was expected to publish the AP daily videos. I was excited to learn music theory, art history and psychology. However,...

The 2020 election is already set up to be an timely process, as mail-in votes slowly flow in and candidates grapple for control of the White House and Senate.

Election Exasperation

Donovan Nichols, Co-Editor In Chief November 5, 2020

We monitor our Twitter feeds with an unflinching gaze, desperate for another set of ballots to be reported. Our search histories are checkered with election coverage; the New York Times’ Election Needles...

Sarah Kotb, Future Pageant Queen

Sarah Kotb, Future Pageant Queen

Angel Huang, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

    Sarah Kotb is a current senior struggling to complete her early admission just like most teens in America trying to balance her AP courses, an internship with a Congressman, her activities in Cinco...

In Defense of the Not-So-Scary Halloween Movie

In Defense of the Not-So-Scary Halloween Movie

Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor in Chief October 29, 2020

Happy Halloween Cougars! As we’re forced to postpone or cancel most trick or treating plans and elaborate costume parties, many students have had trouble getting into the spooky spirit this season. Never...

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election was held Tuesday, September 29, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

SATIRE: Presidential Debate Shows Candidates Are Definitely, Unconditionally, Equally Bad, We Promise

Donovan Nichols, Co-Editor In Chief October 7, 2020

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle on September 29 left Americans shocked, flabbergasted, and utterly befuddled. The approximately hour-and-a-half long political brawl between former...

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg poses for a picture in an undated picture.

The Lessons We Can Learn From the Notorious R.B.G.

Yoonsoo (Seth) Choi, News Editor October 7, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court’s second female justice and feminist icon, passed away on September 18 due to cancer and became the first woman and Jew to lie in state at the capitol.  We...

We at the County Line highly encourage every student eligible to get involved and have their voice heard.

How to Vote in the 2020 Election

Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor In Chief September 11, 2020

Before Election Day rolls around on November 3, find out how to register to vote and have your voice heard. Remember, you must register 30 days before election day. If you plan on sending in a mail-in...

An Asian girl wears a mask in public. 673 cases of discrimination against Asian Americans were reported in March. It is natural for people to want to blame somebody for this crisis, but we cannot give in to hate. - Seth Choi

Stronger Together

Yoonsoo (Seth) Choi, Staff Writer April 15, 2020

In March, 673 cases of discrimination against Asian Americans due to COVID-19 were reported to the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council. Students have been bullied at schools and a two-year-old Asian...

Here are some tips to get your sweet, sweet slumber schedule going again. 

How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule

Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor In Chief April 13, 2020

Now that there's no definite beginning and end to the school day (and getting up at 6am is definitely not an option), it can be hard to get to bed on time. Or at all.  While sleeping in till noon...

In an attempt to bring communities and fanbases together, artists have been holding stay-at-home sets and shows for fans to interact. One of the first artists that pioneered this idea was the British punk-rock star, Yungblud.

COVID Concert Cancellations

Jordyn Guzman, Co-Editor In Chief April 9, 2020

Due to COVID-19, time was put at a stand-still. Almost every industry, except for the essentials, is in a stagnant hold as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise and as social distancing converts...

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