In Defense of the Not-So-Scary Halloween Movie

A guide to a socially distanced Halloween


Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor in Chief

Happy Halloween Cougars! As we’re forced to postpone or cancel most trick or treating plans and elaborate costume parties, many students have had trouble getting into the spooky spirit this season. Never fear! We at the County Line are here to recommend some Halloween movie marathons that are sure to banish any boredom. Try streaming services like Watch Party with Amazon Prime or Groupwatch with Disney+ to see movies in real time with friends! A safe and healthy night-in with fellow spooky film lovers and popcorn (or candy corn) is guaranteed to be a blast.

With that in mind, let’s move onto the recommendations. In our opinion, while movies of the horror genre can sometimes do the trick and kickstart our spooky spirit, classic Halloween movies are just that much more fun to watch. This list is for those looking for a fun Halloween activity without any jump scares or creepy sewer clowns. In fact, for all the real scaredy-cats out there (no judgement), we’ve created a pumpkin rating system to evaluate each movie’s fear factor. One pumpkin guarantees a scary free experience, five pumpkins and you’ll probably be hiding under the covers. 

Be sure to share your spooky movie marathon with us on Instagram @crhscountyline. Happy Halloween everyone!