Homemade Horoscopes #7


Jada Joshua, Staff Writer

Aries- Almost slay. Reach out to those around you for help to cross the finish line of your goals. 


Taurus- Careful slay. Honesty is the best policy, but it can hurt the people who matter most if you’re not careful. 


Gemini- Relationship slay. People will feel extra close to you and want to spend lots of time with you. 

Cancer- Recovery slay. You’ve been putting tons of effort into relationships, and receiving crumbs of attention back. Reevaluate the people around you. 


Leo- Physical slay. Use the burst of energy that you’ll feel this week to commit to a sustainable exercise routine and eat healthier! 


Virgo- Group slay. You will feel your best this week, and you should use that newfound confidence to uplift those around you. 


Libra- Home slay. It may be time for a little redecorating in the spaces around you. Be creative! 


Scorpio- Commitment slay. Don’t rush into new relationships just for the sake of being in them. 


Sagittarius- Hustle slay. You’ve been getting down to business and making leaps of progress in your professional life, but make sure that you’re not neglecting your personal life. 


Capricorn- Strategy slay. You’ve been working really hard to achieve your goals, but you should slow down and strategize before you do something irreversible. 


Aquarius- Toxic slay. You have been locked in a negative conflict with someone recently, someone who has been bringing you pain. Take steps to resolve the conflict and continue your path to personal growth and enlightenment. 


Pisces- Connection slay. You will meet someone new with bold ideas who will entice you. Lean into the new attraction and don’t be afraid to see where it goes!