Jada’s Comprehensive Guide to Surviving Senior Year


Jada Joshua, Staff Writer

Returning to school as a senior during a global pandemic should be considered an Olympic sport. Everything from *college applications* to leading different clubs, senior year at Cinco Ranch High School is about everything but grades. 

The number one way to manage the many random tasks that come with senior year is to learn to set boundaries. Make sure to set your priorities and avoid over-scheduling by opting for a more dynamic compounding of activities. For example: If you need to finish a book for class and you are struggling to find time, you might use the audiobook while doing a workout. Pairing active things with more lethargic activities will keep you awake and hopefully, make things more interesting. To avoid throwing off the balance between your social life and schoolwork, schedule hanging out with your friends the same way you would set aside time for practicing your instrument or completing a science project. Set boundaries for phone calls with your chatty friends at the start of the call so that you have time to either work or take a much-needed break. 

Making your senior year more enjoyable is also about building strong relationships with your teachers. This is a good practice to start junior year, but with the pandemic, a lot of students and teachers had other things to balance besides social time. Creating these relationships can help not only with last-minute recommendation letters but also ensure that you have a space to retreat to when school is a little less than bearable. Teachers can help advise you and be the extra boost of confidence you need to complete a task. Bonus: if you find one of the good ones they usually have snacks and a place to leave your textbooks. Teachers and even administrators are often a great way to learn about the “outside” world, as they can give insight into their own experiences and career journey. 

Capitalize on giving yourself time to relax and recover, the more your free time resembles a kindergarten class the better. Instead of heading to the football game, maybe you consider quiet time or arts and crafts. The objective is to get your mind off of looming AP exams and instead redirect your focus in a healthy manner. Anything from typing games to popcorn reading on the phone with your friends can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Teens are often expected to act more mature than they are prepared to be. As seniors prepare to switch from asking to go to the bathroom to working a job, they may struggle to keep up with other social expectations. Instead of spending all of your time sending passive-aggressive emails, as if working an office job, consider playing musical chairs or coloring a coloring sheet. 

Senior year is the perfect time to begin romanticizing your life. Say those affirmations, buy a planner you won’t use, and keep moving forward. Loving life should be your first priority when trying to survive senior year. 


*use this word with caution known to induce panic