Homemade Horoscopes #4


Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Horoscopes for the Week of 10/14-10/21

Aries- Ask someone on a date. You don’t know until you try, everything will work out in the end.  

Taurus-  Watch your health this week, make sure to take care of yourself, and treat yourself with kindness. 

Gemini- Live in the moment! Some things will be out of your control and that’s okay, learn to let go.   

Cancer- Your pessimism may be getting the better of you, don’t let it. Do something that brings you joy. 

Leo- Stop doubting yourself. You got this, practice some self care. 

Virgo- Don’t be so hard on yourself, take a social media break and spend time with friends. 

Libra- Pursue your personal goals, look for innovative ways to solve your problems. 

Scorpio- Expect brilliant ideas to come to you soon, keep an open mind. 

Sagittarius- Be prepared, a surprise may be coming soon. Good things are coming your way.

Capricorn- Are you in a conflict with someone right now? Reach out to them, try to resolve things.

Aquarius- If you’re looking for a sign, this is your sign. Keep a positive outlook. 

Pisces- Any conflicts in your life will soon be resolved.