Homemade Horoscopes #6


Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Aries- Practice mindfulness this week, and work on expressing your creativity. 

Taurus- Some big decisions are coming your way, be sure to take your time making a choice

Gemini-   A big opportunity is coming your way, but keep your eyes open there might be a catch

Cancer- Change is coming fast, but it’s good, let it happen

Leo- It may be time for a deep cleaning, get a fresh start

Virgo- A romantic and creative revival is coming your way, get excited

Libra- Give into domesticity this week

Scorpio- Now is the time to open about your feelings, don’t bottle emotions up

Sagittarius- You are growing into the person you were meant to be, expect new opportunities

Capricorn- You might receive some exciting news this week, but stay practical

Aquarius- Take time for yourself this week

Pisces- Spend time with your loved ones this week, no more being lonely