Student creates petition demanding less homework

Samuel Teas, Features Editor

An online petition was created Tuesday morning by sophomore Luke Austria asking for less homework. By 12:15 p.m. that day, the petition had accumulated nearly 2,100 signatures.

“We [the students of Katy ISD and other school districts] believe the amount of homework we receive every night is outrageous,” Austria said in the petition.

According to Austria, the solution to the problem is not a complete ban on homework- just less of it.

“Students are more stressed than ever and the amount of homework a student receives every day needs to decrease,” Austria said.

Several of the petition’s signers voiced their opinions in the comments section.

“If a teacher requires homework every night for any class, than [sic] I feel like its [sic] just busy work, and the teachers aren’t using class time correctly,” parent SC Leland wrote.