New computers installed over winter break


Abdalla Khalil

The new ThinkCentre M93z All-in-One-Desktop computer.

Samuel Teas, Staff Writer

A district-wide upgrade installed all-new computers at CRHS during Winter Break.

The introduction of these new computers was part of the District Retrofit Cycle, which occurs every five years. Phases one and two of this cycle were completed in December, and the third phase will be implemented this summer.

The job was done by 11 field engineers, including Ryan LeBlanc.

“We started by replacing all the old Smart board projectors,” LeBlanc said.  “The new projectors required a newer faster PC, so we gave each classroom with a new Smart projector a new PC.”

The library and computer labs were also updated, but additional upgrades will be implemented this summer, as part of the third phase.

The desktops are of the ThinkCentre M93z All-in-One-Desktop model, and the laptops are of the ThinkPad T440s Ultrabook model. Both are made by Lenovo Group Ltd.

While the laptops are somewhat similar to the old ones, the desktops are much different. New features include a larger memory, increased space on the hard drive, a larger monitor, improved graphics (HDMI rather than VGA) and four USB ports.

“The software runs nicely and I like the bigger screen,” sophomore Michael Orteg said. “It’s less bulky, too.”

The new computers were a pleasant surprise to several students.

“It’s a lot of space,” senior Crystal Tran said.

The computers are much faster, which will help students, like Orteg and Tran, to complete their assignments more efficiently.

“I like the new M93z,” LeBlanc said. “It takes up less room, has a larger screen and has easier access to the back of the PC for repairs.”