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Oliver Capito
This is Oliver Capito’s first year on County Line, and he is very excited to finally be able to write stories. Over this year, he has gone down every YouTube rabbit hole that has ever existed, consumed way too much anime for the human body to conceive, and studied so much that it hurts. If you ever ask him, he will go on a 20-minute rant on how JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the best piece of media to ever exist, or how Disney ruined Star Wars with one movie. On any normal day, you can see him working on a story, getting wrecked in smash online, and or hanging out on call with his friends.

Oliver Capito

Sep 23, 2020
Mulan: The Good, The Bad, and The Terrible [ SPOILER FREE ] (Story)
Sep 11, 2020
Sports Revamp Practices in Response to COVID-19 (Story)
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Oliver Capito