Sports Revamp Practices in Response to COVID-19

They have integrated masks and social distancing so it doesn’t interfere with practices.


Oliver Capito, Staff Writer

Cinco Ranch sports have had to change up their practices because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs such as football, volleyball and swimming have implemented different ways to make sure their athletes do not catch the virus.

As for swimming, they are taking many precautions in order to keep practices safe and healthy.

“We created a name card for everybody, and we assigned everybody a specific place in the natatorium where they’re going to sit and put all of their things,” swimming head coach Peter Neumann said. “We kind of took it a step forward with JV because there’s a lot more kids on JV. Even though we are a Co-Ed sport, the boys and the girls now train separately, so that way one group is training inside while the other is training outside. There won’t be anything you will notice differently in the game on the field, other than seeing some kids with face masks on if they choose to have them.”

Swimming won’t have to change their meets very much because everyone swims separately. However, football is based on contact. Because of this, as Coach Chris Dudley explains, the games will now work slightly differently.

“Where you’re going to see the difference is in the stands. There’s only going to be 40 percent capacity at any stadium in the district. Our band, drill team, cheerleaders, all that stuff, they’ll be spaced out accordingly in the stadiums. That’s where you’ll see the main difference.”

As for volleyball, both practices and meets will be different. Like the other two sports before them, they have taken many precautions to make sure no athletes get COVID-19.

The girls try to maintain 6 feet apart when possible. Anytime we huddle up we stay 6 feet apart and have masks on,” Volleyball head coach Danielle Wells said. “[As for games, they] will still be played. Social distancing and masks must be worn by spectators. I want to have a season as well as the players. So we are going to do what is needed in order to try and keep the season going.”

These sports put precautions in place so they could minimize the chances of catching COVID-19. Junior swimmer Stuart Cambell was very thankful for the precautions.

“Our workouts are placed in areas that are far apart,” Cambell said,”so even [when our] heart rates [are] up and our breathing intensifies, it’s very easy to stay safe…we are usually using clean equipment, and I can go home feeling safe that my family won’t be infected by me.

As with anything in life, overcoming obstacles requires teamwork, hard work, and an overall willingness to help. Neumann summed it up perfectly.

“As with any group of people,” Neumann said. “If you commit to doing something together, you can do it. But, if we are still divided… then it’s going to come crashing down quickly. So, it’s going to depend on how much people are willing to keep each other safe.”