Moore twins commit to separate universities for sports


Sisters Angela and Amanda Moore outside of their third period class in their chosen college gear.

Rachel Childress, Staff Writer

Next year, senior Angela Moore will enter Colorado State University and senior Amanda Moore will enter Mount St. Mary’s University. Moving to opposite sides of the country, the twins will be split apart when they go to college.

Varsity swimmer Amanda is going all the way to Maryland. After debating, she committed to St. Mary’s over her other school of choice, Bucknell University.

“[Amanda] wants to go to a team where she’s going to be an asset,” Varsity swim coach Christie Patterson said. “In the long run it’s going to be the most comfortable fit.”

Though Amanda plans on pursuing an Olympic trial, she is focusing on a career still dealing with sports management and preparing future professional swimmers.

“Swimming has taught me time management and leadership and I think those qualities can take me far [in sports management],” Amanda said.

Despite her reputation in varsity swimming school and district wide, she does not plan on pursuing a full time career as a professional swimmer. According to Coach Patterson, she has the ability and the skill to get better

“[Coach Patterson] very excited that she’s going to [swim] college, every year she’s just gotten better and better and has more experience.” Coach Patterson said “I think she’ll just continue to prove at a collegiate level.”

Angela, who is a varsity basketball player, will be going to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado State University, after heavy consideration to schools closer to the east coast.

“I fell in love,” Angela said, “The mountains in the background, the people that I met, and the chance to play [collegiate basketball].”

Angela is receiving a full scholarship for basketball and plans to study nursing. Even though she enjoys basketball, she does not want to pursue any more it past the collegiate level.

“With the basketball team I just felt welcomed and it was a very comfortable feeling, [however] I just really want to focus on my career after college,” Angela said

Despite her reluctance to go professional she still enjoys the sport. To her, collegiate basketball is another part of the Colorado State University.

“Playing basketball is going to get my schooling paid for.” Angela said, “So why not do something you love and better your future for free all at the same time”

Both sisters credit their family for starting their athletic training from an early age. Angela claims their competitions with her sister in swimming helped prepare her to choose basketball and her future.

“We used to swim together and [Amanda] would always come in first except in breaststroke and then I would always come in second,” Angela said. “After a while second place was not cutting it for me so I decided to pick up basketball. Now we always have competitions to see whose sport is harder.”

The Moore twins plan on not catching the infamous senioritis – but on ending the school year with high GPAs, and district wins in their sports. Towards the end of the year, both girls plan to spend free time with their family and friends.

“They all supported me” Angela said, “Not just emotionally but financially.”

Angela and Amanda credit their parents  for their success.

“[Our parents] paid for every club and meet,” Amanda said. “Determination, hard work, and support from everyone got me here because pushing yourself in a sport is hard so you need those qualities and supporters in order to help you through it.”