Cinco Ranch Choir debuts ‘Carols & Cookies’

New choir event provides holiday music entertainment for faculty and staff


Ed Larsen

Choir students shared sounds of the season Wednesday throughout the school day as they treated faculty to the inaugural “Carols & Cookies” in the choir room. The event provided a break for staff during teacher conference periods to enjoy holiday treats and festive seasonal music.

Jordyn Guzman, News Editor

The Cinco Ranch choir celebrated the upcoming holidays with a new event that was held in the choir room. On December 12, the potential new holiday tradition, “Carols and Cookies,” debuted to the faculty. Staff members could go into the choir room and enjoy snacks while the choirs of Cinco sang songs from their winter concert that they have been preparing for since November. Every choir participated.


“The caroling that we did for the teachers and staff was incredibly fun.” junior Luana Munoz said, “It means so much to me seeing the teachers that I invited coming in and enjoying the songs that we’ve worked so hard on. I’m honored that I got to be a part of this really fun experience and hopefully it will continue for years to come.”