Future Physicians of America raises $500 to combat cancer

Sarah Sheikh, Staff Writer

The Future Physicians of America (FPA) raised over $500 in its first fundraiser for the American Cancer Society starting from the middle of December to the middle of January. The goal was to receive donations from sponsors who wanted to contribute to an influential cause.

“This fundraiser has given students the ability to get involved and take steps towards raising money for a worthy cause.” FPA president Natalia Nigro said.

To contribute, donors selected from a variety of sponsorships with varying degrees of money, or an amount of their choice. Funds from this fundraiser will be utilized in research, treatment, and support. The American Cancer Society itself takes donations towards the same values.

FPA exists on the basis of helping others with kindness and community service through acquired knowledge about healthcare from different meetings.

“FPA creates a community of students on the path to becoming healthcare professionals.” Nigro said. “The club allows members to communicate, exchange ideas, learn more about other specialties, and take advantage of opportunities.”

In the future, the club plans on hosting more health related fundraisers for anyone to participate in.