Art students win gold, silver keys

Molly Wade, Co-Editor in Chief

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards named their gold and silver key winners and several art students have received awards. The winners were announced Feb. 3.

Gold Key Winners included Mijee Bergbauer, Iris Cho, Grace Jung and Angela Lee who won two Gold Keys. Iris Cho also won a Silver Key, as did Yiming Sun. Yeonsoo Koo and Sylvia Xie each earned and honorable mention, and Anuska Martinez received two.

The students choose their pieces from an array of projects they had previously completed and entered the pieces for judging.

“We create artworks that are originally for school projects but as the competitions begin to arrive we edit and pick the ones we are most proud of,” junior Iris Cho said.

Keys are given at regional levels. Pieces that receive gold move onto national judging in New York City. The keys are given to students from grade seven through 12 across the United States.

“Every year the judges are different, and it’s difficult to expect what they will like since the things they like differs every year,” Cho said.

The pieces are judged over an extended period of time because Scholastic receives over 150,00 entries every year.

“I try not so expect anything so that I don’t get let down,” said sophomore Mijee Bergbauer “I do art for art. I didn’t really care what I get out of it. If the judges didn’t like it then at least I liked it. But they did, so that was great.”