Humans of Cinco: Cafeteria Conundrum

What does a typical school lunch look like for you?


Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor In Chief

The beginning of this school year has brought many changes, but perhaps none more important than cafeteria conundrum. With students spread out across the county during lunch time, meals range from vending machine chips to leftovers to takeout. So, we at the County Line set out to investigate this new meal time maelstrom by asking students, ‘What does a typical school lunch look like for you?’.

“Through quarantine my lunch has been consisting of different types of sandwiches, fruits and chips. The sandwich filling depends on the mood I’m in and what we have in the fridge. My favorite lunch so far has been a tuna, lettuce, and avocado sandwich accompanied with an apple and lightly salted Fritos.”

-Cecilia Munoz, 10


“For a typical stay at home lunch, I often eat leftovers from the night before. However, if I want something else, I usually heat up some chicken nuggets or make myself a sandwich. Occasionally, my mom will buy us food from somewhere and I’ll eat that.”

-Anton Nguyen, 12


“In the main commons, everyone is pretty spread out, which is a good decision, don’t get me wrong and is 100% the move, but it feels kind of empty. Also, if you have a group of friends of more than four, it becomes really hard to communicate with your friends because they’re so far apart from you and it feels like you’re shouting, which sucks because for some people lunch is the only time you really get to meet with your friends in school.”

-Nabil Andrian, 10


“What I eat for lunch hasn’t really changed too much, but what I do during lunch is different than at school. I have more freedom at home and I talk to my friends during lunch.”

-Quang Phoung, 10


“As soon as I’m done with fourth period I go downstairs and mostly just eat leftovers, but sometimes I’ll make lunch for me and my family. I always eat fruit and chill out.”

-Nicha Bruce, 11


What does your school lunch look like?

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