Mind Over Matter: Young the Giant wins with second album

Maura Rowell & Sara Saavedra, Entertainment Editor, staff writer

Defying the infamously difficult second-album syndrome, Young the Giant’s “Mind Over Matter” album is brilliantly relevant and equally as memorable as its debut. It may seem an impossible feat to upstage classic fan favorites such as

“Cough Syrup” and “My Body”, but with reverberating beats and undulating melodies the album has a definitively smooth feel while keeping with a modern tone. Though lyric-less, the opening track “Slow Dive” works as a great transition to the first lyrical track. What makes it unique is the way it slowly fades in and gradually gets louder with electric components and guitar accompaniments.

Its first single “It’s About Time” completely diverts itself from the debut album, enforcing a more alternative rock sound that contained much more synth rather than their initial indie pop.

The only disappointing track is “Teachers,” that even though it has a light hearted tone, its simplistic lyrics (‘Teachers they try to reach us/Do you miss the friends you crossed off the list?’) and a heavy reliance on drum beats to carry it along, the track had a very juvenile feel. Though frontman Sameer Gadhia carried a few nice harmonies the overall quality of the track feels basic at best.

Overall, I would give the album a 9 out of 10 stars. The band outdid themselves with memorable, comfortable-to-listen-to songs and by staying true to their original feel yet stepping out the box and modernizing their tone, “Mind Over Matter” is a win.