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Review: Wake Up, Sunshine

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All Time Low Releases New Album
April 3, 2020

A mysterious hotline with an ever-changing message. Burning the relics from their previous era. A panda kidnapping the drummer, only to be released in exchange for one of the songs. These are just a...

Review: Green Day Releases Unexceptional Album

Nearing almost 4 years since their last album release, Green Day released album number 13 of their discography, Father of All..., on Feb. 7.
February 20, 2020

There are many synonyms for the word mediocre, none of which typically describe Green Day and their albums that have previously set the standard for the rock and alternative scene. With their new album...

Meme Review: The Blue Button Meme

The blue button meme is one of many memes creating a division between generations.
Meme Culture Studies Is Now In Session
December 10, 2019

With the emergence of memes came a divide between generations as a younger audience took to social media littering their Twitter pages with captioned stock images. Memes, defined as humorous pictures and...


New Film Showcases Life of Harriet Tubman
December 2, 2019

With a strong soul, wise mind, and fearless strive, Harriet Tubman will forever be known as the woman who changed history with her rescue of  hundreds of slaves and the leadership of her people to...

Review: Fall Out Boy Releases Second Greatest Hits Album

Following their last studio album,
Chicago Based Pop-Punk Band Showcases Exquisite Post-Hiatus Discography
December 2, 2019

Fall Out Boy has been the poster child for the pop punk scene ever since their emergence in 2001. Though there have been many other greats in the genre such as My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco,...

Melanie Martinez “Schools” Audience On Life With K-12 Tour

Melanie Martinez's K-12 tour came to Houston's Revention Music Center November 5th, 2019. The tour is set to end 	February 17, 2020.
K-12 Tour Presents Itself As Epitome Of Visual Spectacle and Positivity
November 15, 2019

People piled into the Revention Music Center creating a sea of pastel blues, lavenders, and sea foam greens. I couldn’t help but stare at everyone with the outrageous outfits that passed me. Excitement...

Review (Spoiler-Free): Ad Astra is a Thrilling, Gorgeous Sci-Fi Epic

Brad Pitt plays an lonely astronaut searching for answers in
September 25, 2019

Sci-fi thriller “Ad Astra,” released September 20, delivers a powerful, beautiful look at family bonds and the future of human expansion while also showcasing some of the best visuals ever seen in...

“My Neighbor Totoro” Inspires Viewers Through Ghibli Fest
August 29, 2019

Ever since 1984, Studio Ghibli has fascinated audiences with its mesmerizing films. No movie among these stands out more than “My Neighbor Totoro”, which is arguably the most popular movie from the...

Billie Eilish branches out with “bury a friend”

Billie Eilish has only skyrocketed in the music industry since her first album,
Artist releases stand out song that sets her apart from the rest
March 4, 2019

Billie Eilish has skyrocketed up to the forefront of pop and alternative music. Her eccentric style and soothing voice have made her a favorite among fans of many genres, with some even comparing her to...

Top 5 Austin City Limits Performances

October 25, 2018

Paul McCartney After years of trying to book the former member of The Beatles, Austin City Limits finally succeeded. The 76 year-old rock legend played a nearly two and a half hour long set filled...

Movie Review: Slender Man

Movie Review: Slender Man
Long awaited horror flick disappoints viewers
September 20, 2018

In May of 2014, two twelve year old girls lured their friend into the Wisconsin woods and attempted to sacrifice her to a being by the name of Slender Man. This event and the trial of the two girls brought...

Grace VanderWaal Releases First Full Length Album

Grace VanderWaal won the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent and then went on to release her EP, “Perfectly Imperfect” which is what started off her fast rising career.
December 11, 2017

With her lighthearted, peppy ukulele chords set to her intricate, emotional piano melodies, Grace VanderWaal’s first full length studio album “Just The Beginning” is an accomplished follow up to...

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