Meme Review: The Blue Button Meme

Meme Culture Studies Is Now In Session

The blue button meme is one of many memes creating a division between generations.

Courtesy of Imgflip

The blue button meme is one of many memes creating a division between generations.

Joshua Piper, Staff Writer

With the emergence of memes came a divide between generations as a younger audience took to social media littering their Twitter pages with captioned stock images. Memes, defined as humorous pictures and videos usually accompanied by text, have become inside jokes to the generations who grew up with this technology at their fingertips. Thus, older generations often don’t understand these pop culture references and these generational jokes.

In order to alleviate the generational gap memes have incited, the staff at the County Line decided to create a series entitled “Meme Review”. Each installment will feature a meme which we will explain the meaning of along with providing examples of its use. The first meme to be tackled is a classic being the Blue Button Meme.

The basic concept of the Blue Button Meme is to state a situation or event in the caption and label the response to this situation on the button. The hand moving to hit the button must be labeled with the person, organization, or initiator of the action labeled on the blue button. The meme is often used as a way to mock the action taken place due to the absurdity of the response to an event. The button’s empty appearance, while allowing for the greatest versatility, leaves the meme with a blank identity just like the buttons current state. 


Rating: 6.63/11 

The Blue Button Meme is a classic meme, and the simplicity of it allows for creative liberty upon its meaning. Consequently, the blue button lacks an identity outside of the meaning conveyed by the situation assigned to it.