Palmer dribbles her way onto McDonalds All-American Team

Palmer dribbles her way onto McDonalds All-American Team

Palmer averages 13 points and two steals per game.

Camryn Fuller, staff writer

The sound of shoes squeaking on the freshly polished floors, along with the piercing slam of a basketball pounding against the ground fills the gym as senior Megan Palmer makes her play. The Rice University signee does not hesitate to showcase her remarkable basketball skills, as recognized by the McDonald’s All-American team committee.

The McDonald’s All-American Team is the best-known of American high-school basketball All-star teams. Having the designation of McDonald’s All-American instantly brands a player as one of the top high-school players in the United States.

Palmer played basketball at Cinco ranch for three years, but joined Hybrid, a basketball program, as a 5th grader. The honor of the nomination to the Mc Donald’s team is just another thing to keep her determined.

When Megan found out about her nomination she was not only surprised, but very excited.

“When I first found out about my nomination I was so honored to be recognized with some of the best basketball players in the state,” Palmer said. “To me basketball is something that I put all of my effort in and just try to do my best, I don’t work out expecting all of these awards, but earning them is just a reminder to me I am doing a great job and incentive to keep working hard.”

Basketball coach Michelle Morris, has great admiration and respect for palmers hard work and determination.

 “This is an achievement for our entire program.  To be a part of such a great young lady and having this individual a part of our program, makes everyone involved look great.” Morris said, “Megan was a versatile player.  She played any position we needed her to play.  She was willing and worked hard to help her weaknesses throughout the season.”

Meagan has a 13 point and two steals a game average, she’s a good sport and provides leadership for her teammates.

“She is truly amazing on and off the court,” Morris said. “She is a dedicated person to everything she is involved in.  She has been a huge foundation for our program.”

Earlier in the season, Meagan signed with Rice University to play basketball for their women’s team next year. This was also a huge achievement for Meagan and her family.

“Megan will be successful in anything she puts her mind to.  She has heart and dedication, something that can’t be taught,” Morris said. “She will be greatly missed as a teammate, friend, and person to our school and program.”