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Hardegree, McGaha crowned Homecoming Queen, King as Cinco triumphs over Mayde Creek

Hardegree, McGaha crowned Homecoming Queen, King as Cinco triumphs over Mayde Creek

Samuel Teas, Co-Editor-In-Chief

October 23, 2017

Maddie Grace Hardegree and Grady McGaha were crowned homecoming queen and king 2017 at halftime festivities Oct. 20. The celebration continued through the evening as the varsity football squad cruised to a 61-13 win over Mayde Creek at Legacy Stadium.   

Cougar Victory at Homecoming Game

Brynne Herzfeld, Voice Editor

October 26, 2016

Homecoming weekend started strong with a 28-17 Cougar victory against Seven Lakes on Friday, Oct. 21, giving Cinco a 5-3 season record. Junior quarterback Brant Kuithe secured two Cougar touchdowns in the first quarter, putting Cinco in the lead 14-0 with the extra points kicked by senior Brandon Contre...

Last minute touchdown propels Cinco to victory in homecoming game

Last minute touchdown propels Cinco to victory in homecoming game

Joanne Chavali, News Editor

October 17, 2015

  Fourth down and a minute and twenty-four seconds are on the clock. Taylor leads 20-17. Suddenly, senior Russell Morrison completes a 41-yard pass to senior Colby Bradshaw who is waiting with open arms in the end zone and scores the go ahead touchdown with exactly a minute left on the clo...

Lights, Lines, Get Loud

Lights, Lines, Get Loud

Sofia Guevara, Co-Editor-In-Chief

October 15, 2014

As the glow of the sunset fades, the score board blinks and the crowd cheers another win. The band blares out the fight song. The smell of hot dogs permeates your clothes and the cold breeze brushes past your shoulders. In that moment it does not matter what happened at school or home that day, because...

Homecoming Court 2014

Homecoming Court 2014

Abdalla Khalil, Staff Photographer

October 10, 2014

Moms behind mums

Sara Saavedra, Staff Writer

October 17, 2013

It all started out as a simple gesture of affection when a boy gave his significant other a chrysanthemum flower the week before the annual homecoming dance. Since then, the tradition of mums still remains in the southern states,but this time it’s bigger and better. The size, the objects and the amoun...

Confessions of a ‘Teenage Homecoming Queen’

Confessions of a ‘Teenage Homecoming Queen’

Gabrielle Deckelman, Features Editor

November 2, 2012

She stands less than five feet tall and wears pink glasses. She has short brown hair and loves to smile - her quiet laughter is contagious. The pitter-patter of her innocent footsteps fill the hall, she moves along like the rest of us. To have the opportunity to be crowned queen among a sea of jewels...

No shoes, no date, no problem

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

October 5, 2012

Having trouble finding the perfect homecoming date? Do not worry, you are not alone. Aside from those annoying couples that date for ages, finding a homecoming date has become the challenge of the century. This year, however, you do not have to stress over who your date will be. No balloons or rubber...

Cinco royalty: getting to know 2012 Homecoming Court

Cinco royalty: getting to know 2012 Homecoming Court

October 3, 2012

  Read on to discover everything you need to know to choose this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. Who will win your vote? Lori Schaefer Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A: My dream was to be a pop star and to be singing and dancing on a huge stage for thousands of people. This of...

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