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Joanne Chavali

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Co-Editor-in-Chief Joanne Chavali is here at the final frontier of her high school career. She has endured too much stress for a 17-year-old to face, an endless stream of homework assignments and three painful physics projects too many. There’s a valley that separates her junior year from college and she can either fall into the senioritis river and climb back out just in time for the next chapter of her life to begin, or she can build a bridge across. Even the path beyond is shrouded over in the many insecurities she faces about her future. While she may not have decided which way to get past the valley yet, she does know that she can walk in success on her future path and overcome the challenges it holds whether they be college or grad school after that, or even attempting to bleach out the latest hair dye from her shower. If you manage to find her relaxing, she’s probably sipping tea, or watching a classic angst movie from the 90’s. If you catch her in a panic, you may see the taillights of a car heading for downtown Houston (and her brother).Senior year: the final frontier of the real teenage experience. She hopes to make it a wonderful journey.

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Citizens must abandon rebel flag

Joanne Chavali, Co-editor-in chief
June 2, 2017

Building a legacy

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 13, 2017
Portrait cards sell for $1.00. Each card take Muzaffar about 10 minutes each to make.

Cards for a cause

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-In-Chief
January 5, 2017
Students dance together as music rings out from the DJ. Student Council also cleans up after the dance. They pop all the balloons and clean up the paper decorations after the dance is over.

Homecoming: a week-long celebration

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-In-Chief
October 26, 2016
Crew members get ready to move the set for a scene change. The theatre company prepared for this production months in advance, building the set, painting and rehearsing the play over and over.

Theatre company presents Rock Of Ages

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-In-Chief
October 13, 2016
This years Academy Awards came under fire from critics who accused it of being too white.

Sins of Hollywood

Joanne Chavali, News editor
March 16, 2016
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Joanne Chavali