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Building a legacy

Project Grad sponsors engraved brick campaign

Joanne Chavali, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Project Grad 2017 plans to sell customizable bricks to students, parents and faculty as a fundraiser for the senior shut in. The bricks will be placed in front of the school near the flags as a beautification project as well as providing a way to leave a lasting mark on the school hence the name: Legacy Bricks.

Illustration by junior Rezan Muhsin
This watercolor painting is an illustration that depicts where the monument will go.

“The original concept behind the Legacy Bricks was to provide a way for the Class of 2017 to leave an impression at Cinco,” Project Grad liaison Rose Fernandes said. “As we talked through the idea, it expanded into an outdoor beautification project around the school seal and a starting point to celebrate the upcoming 20 year anniversary of Cinco Ranch High School. The most wonderful thing about this project is that it is lasting. It is something that students, faculty, staff and families can come back to see whenever they want. It is easily accessible to everyone!”

Project grad funds the post-graduation celebration for seniors with minimal payment from the graduating class. In recent years, the event has been held at Dave and Busters and students can win prizes like gift cards, GoPros, radios, iPads or even TVs.

“This is the type of fundraiser where everyone benefits,” Fernandes said. “The school will have a wonderful beautification project, the people recognized on the bricks will know they were a special part of the Cougar community, and Project Grad will be able to provide seniors with an all-night, parent-chaperoned, drug-, alcohol- and smoke-free celebration.”

Although this is a project that can be added to in coming years, the deadline to order is Feb. 28, 2017. Installation is scheduled for early May. Anyone can buy the bricks and they can be used to honor current students, alumni, faculty, volunteers or anyone with affiliation to the school. The price ranges from $100 for the first and second brick to $75 for additional bricks. Ordering and payment can be completed in one step at More information is available at

“It is a perfect gift to recognize a student’s graduation or achievement in a particular activity,” Fernandes said. “It is also a wonderful way to say thank you to the countless hours and dedication of coaches, directors, mentors, volunteers and members of clubs, organizations and teams that make up the Cougar community.”

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Building a legacy