Hatler to kick ’em, sic ’em at Baylor


Hatler plans to attend Baylor this coming fall after leading the Cinco varsity soccer team with 9 goals last year.

Madeline Brisson, Staff Writer

As the ball soars just above the goalie’s finger tips and swishes into the net, the team swarms enthusiastically. This feeling is familiar to senior Jordan Hatler, who, as graduation hits, prepares to slip on Baylor’s forest green and gold.

For 14 years, soccer has been a part of Hatler’s life, and her plans for college will not exclude the sport. After considering various scholarship offers, she has decided to attend Baylor University in the fall.

“Everything just fell into place [there] at the right time,” Hatler said. “Baylor hadn’t ever even been in my choices or options, but when it came down to it, Baylor seemed like the right school for me.”

Playing soccer in college has always been Hatler’s goal because of her love of the game.

“I have two favorite parts [of soccer.] One is scoring and helping your team win,” Hatler said, “And the other is the bonds and friendships that you make throughout the years you play because they last a lifetime.”

After three years on the varsity soccer team at Cinco, Hatler retired from the school team in order to keep herself healthy for her imminent college soccer career. Unfortunately, the pressures that both high school and club soccer put on her body were simply too much. However, even without Hatler, the girls’ team still managed to finish second in district, losing in the state quarterfinals to Clear Lake.

“We knew that her leaving would be sad since she was such an attribute to the team,” former teammate junior Hayley Tiernay said. “We all wish her the best of luck [at Baylor].”

Despite her decision to leave, Hatler had a successful run with the team and developed strong bonds with the girls.

“[Jordan] was always there for anyone if they needed something,” Tiernay said. “She was a player known by all schools and was also a great leader on the field and off. She was always picking us up when we were down and always had confidence in the team.”

Hatler looks forward to a successful four years on Baylor’s team, and with the recent hiring of head coach Marci Jobson, she is confident that the Lady Bears will be a threat to the other college teams. This year, Baylor finished with a record of 15-4-3, an improvement from past years.

“Baylor’s team now is doing awesome,” Hatler said. “Our new coach… completely rebuilt the soccer program. Now we are doing awesome and could be trouble for anyone on any given day.”