Growth through worship

The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Club, better known as the BIBLE club, emerged from a group of Cinco students that attended a Fellowship Church camp. These members agreed that students at Cinco should be able to come together and study the Bible. One of the members of the BIBLE club, senior Victoria Fahy, feels proud to take part in a positive environment.

“Personally, this is a group that I have always desired to be a part of,” Fahy said. “I feel that [the bible club] can change our school for the better. The group strives to be free of judgment and attempts to establish an open environment.”

The BIBLE club serves as a class about the Bible and educates members on a variety of topics spanning from the strength of faith to the life lessons and what faith can mean to them. Sponsor Miranda Martin feels like she is taking part in something bigger than herself.

“I feel blessed to be able to open up my room to the group and anyone else that wants to learn about the Bible. It is my way to bless the group,” Martin said.

Meetings take place on Tuesday mornings in room 1301 at 6:45am. The club follows a specific and organized structure each meeting.

“We have a daily devotion and then break off for any prayer requests or comments on the devotion,” Fahy said.

Typically members take about five minutes to socialize with each other before they get down to studying religious texts. It improves the social interaction between the members in the room and creates a friendly environment in which to study various topics. As they study different religious ideas from the Bible, the members find ways to relate it to their current lives.

 “When someone brings a verse, they study that verse and they try to apply it to their lives and how they can reach other people with it,” Martin said.

The club also functions differently than most clubs currently running by exchanging leadership positions.

“They rotate leadership,” Martin said. “It’s not like there is a president. If there is one, I can’t see it because they all take leadership.

The BIBLE club has set goals for its members and the school. It reaches out to make Cinco an enjoyable place for all types of people.

“To improve the school, we desire to be free of prejudice and judgment to provide a place where students can express and learn more about their faith,” Fahy said. “It is a great opportunity to meet new people.”

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