The Future Of The Pollination Garden


Nia Chavez

The pollination garden is a volunteering opportunity for Cinco Students that promotes the continuation of honey, native bees, and other pollinators.

“It is filled with different species of flowers that attract pollinators so they may collect pollen and drink the flowers’ nectar. By collecting pollen, these pollinators are able to carry the foundation of life with them over miles, creating new foliage and keeping our ecosystems alive”, Alegra Alaniz said. 

The garden serves as an amazing volunteering opportunity for any Cinco student who is interested in learning the importance pollinators serve in our environments and how others can help them too. 

“I’m a youth ambassador for the Texas Beekeepers Association, so I’m always trying to promote the importance honey and native bees have in our ecosystems and agriculture. Even though bees are tiny creatures when they work together they have a big impact”, Alaniz said. 

Alaniz brought was she values to school and wants to help others learn the importance of how honey bees impact our ecosystem. The project of building the pollinator garden embodies the theme of working together for the good of our environment and planet. 

The garden will be a permanent symbol of their impact on our community and environment. I want them to take pride in knowing that they are leaving behind a legacy that will educate many more graduating classes on the significance of unity for our planet”, Alaniz said. 

“I welcome any student interested in helping the garden, our bees, and pollinators will always have a home here at Cinco and it’s only possible by the generous hands of Cinco students!”, Alaniz said. 

On the day of the project, the students worked for two hours and filled four garden beds with pollinator flowers. Alaniz received a generous donation of 24 species of flowers, including Pentas, Passion Flower Vine, Butterfly Bush, and Salvias, donated by Enchanted Gardens, franks nursery, and Cornelius Nursery. 

We all had fun learning gardening skills and how to properly plant the flowers as some needed full sun or space to grow! It was a super fun experience!”, Alaniz said.