Diego Tries, But They All Succeed Together

Global Vine crew entertains Cinco audience with ‘mockumentary’ film episodes


Colton Boyles, Diego Enrico and Carlos Pena together in the Global Vine film studio engage audiences with humorous episodes of “Diego Tries Things.”

Gabrielle Fletcher, Staff Writer

Diego tries this. Diego tries that. Diego Enrico tries a bit of everything in his Global Vine segment, Diego Tries Things. The students of Cinco Ranch High School are eager to see what Enrico tries next. The wonder behind this segment is how the idea came to be. 

“I was sitting in physics in junior year, second semester, and my friend Gustav Evison the wrestler was like ‘Diego it would be really funny if you tried wrestling,’” Enrico said, ‘We would throw you around and it would be really funny,’ and then in the middle of physics I scream I have the best idea for a global vine segment ever.” 

This segment was first released during the fall semester of 2019 and it has been a  staggering feature for Global Vine since. Diego Tries Things is a mockumentary of a boy, Enrico, joining all sorts of extra curriculars with an overconfident attitude but then gets a moment of realization that he may not be as great at everything as he thinks.

“Gustav Evison is the reason Diego Tries Things exists,” Enrico said. 

Enrico works with two other Global Vine participants who help with the shooting, Colten Boyles and Carlos Pena. 

“Diego brought up the idea last year and we all fell in love with it right away. I think myself especially. The process is a very non-processive thing in the sense that we wing it a lot,” Boyles said, “We don’t like to plan out a lot of the things because if we do that it feels artificial. Most of the story comes in editing and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Diego Tries Things presented Enrico trying out for band, basketball, and wrestling. All of which he has no success.

“The most fun one is definitely Diego Tries Band because it was a new idea and every time we were on shoot we had no idea what we were doing,” Boyles said. 

“All the bits and jokes are made on the spot. It’s because of the dynamic we have-Colten, Diego and I; it’s very frantic,” Pena said.

However, Global Vine did have some success with the segment overall as it qualified them to be in the semi-finals for the UIL Film contest.

“It shows me that it’s something special,” Enrico said.