Tammy Laurence’s Battle With Breast Cancer

Strength And Support


Nia Chavez

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women and has an impact on women that isn’t always negative. Breast cancer is able to shape us into stronger women as well. 

Tammy Laurence is one of the staff at Cinco who battled with breast cancer. She was 44 years old when she got diagnosed in the fall of the year 2013. 

“I had gotten a bad report from the doctor and I had to go back in and do some biopsies,” Tammy said. While I was in there and they were doing the biopsies, the lady said ‘this doesn’t look good’. So I had an indication that I had cancer. My twin sister had cancer about four years before me and with a twin and whatever happens to one tends to happen to the other, so I wasn’t shocked, but I was prepared for it because at that time I was going in and doing a mammogram every six months, so it was caught very, very early.” 

Despite her diagnosis, Laurence stayed positive through her faith in God. This was a big revelation for her. 

The moment that I found out about it, I started praying to God.” Tammy said. 

Tammy had a support system of God, family, friends, communities and a school environment was the biggest point throughout Ms. Tammy’s battle with cancer. These motivated her to keep going. 

“I had a very good support system at the school that I was at”, Laurence said. “You feel the support which is so important. Everything is so much easier because…when I was going through the radiation treatments I was worn out, but I always had somebody calling to check on me or bringing me down at lunch, dinner or something. You just feel like the Lord has that control and you feel special.”

Worrying was difficult for Laurence, but she realized once she got diagnosed with breast cancer that she didn’t have to worry anymore. She felt a peace with everything in God’s hands. 

“When I just gave it [to God] I didn’t turn around and start worrying, I never did,” Laurence said. “I could honestly say that made me realize all the worrying that I’ve been doing in my life was for nothing. God handled a very important thing and I could go on, so I think it made me stronger in my faith.” 

Laurence knew she would recover from breast cancer because of her support system and confidence in God. 

“We had surgery on Thursday…”, Laurence said.  I mean, how fast can you get things done? And it was out and I was on the road and doing radiation, it was like a godsend. Nothing happens that fast and it did.” Laurence said. 

“You know, take any type of cancer seriously, skin, cancer or anything and if you need to go get check ups and do them regularly. If it’s not you, it could be a friend or something. Stand by and give them the support that they need ‘because it’s not easy. When you have a good support system, it’s a lot and you tend to ask yourself: “Is this really easier and it makes everything better.” Laurence said.

Ms. Tammy Lawrence has been a strong survivor and supporter during her battle of breast cancer. She shares her story through the works of being able to be a leader and set an example for the community and future women and men.