Grace VanderWaal Releases First Full Length Album


Courtesy of Columbia Records

Grace VanderWaal won the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent and then went on to release her EP, “Perfectly Imperfect” which is what started off her fast rising career.

Jordyn Guzman, Staff Writer

With her lighthearted, peppy ukulele chords set to her intricate, emotional piano melodies, Grace VanderWaal’s first full length studio album “Just The Beginning” is an accomplished follow up to her 2016 EP, “Perfectly Imperfect”. Grace has established her spot in the industry expertly with her quirky style and is only rising from here.

Grace’s 12 song album remains on the “poppy” side of music, but manages to incorporate emotions into the songs through her lyrics. Songs such as “Just A Crush” and “Escape My Mind” explore her childlike side, appealing to the common image of a 13 year old girl. Nevertheless, Grace pours passion and pure emotion into songs such as “Burned” and “Florets”.

Musically, the majority of the songs revolve around simple ukulele or guitar melodies that fit the vibe of the album perfectly. Simple drum beats accompanied by minimalistic background rhythms allows her voice to be the most prevalent element in the tracks. Grace, at the young age of 13, has an extremely mature voice and utilizes it to its fullest potential.

Grace continues to amaze and entertain fans. Listeners can expect Grace to evolve as a musician with coming albums; with her being so young, she can only improve. Grace is truly talented, and “Just The Beginning” proves that she is someone to keep up with as her career grows.