Minds Changed “Because of…” New Album


Donald Glover, preforming as Childish Gambino in Austin, Texas.

Childish Gambino released ‘Because of the Internet,” December 9th, the second in the fast spitting rappers career. Gambino also known outside of his stage name as Donald Glover, had made his initial mark in comedy, but nothing’s funny or off limits in his newest album. The rappers new sound specializes in outside sound clips which only help magnify his offbeat pop culture reference, common in his mix tapes. ‘Crawl’ features in the same heavy hitting drum rattles that previous albums features. Though the same urban awareness Gambino was known for was transitioned into the a global warning. The album’s theme focuses mostly on the influence of the internet and other social mediums on society. The ideals Gambino uses changes him from the personable moderate rapper to a paranoia completely different from the reputation he set in ‘Camp’.