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The Chip Deficiency

Customers increasingly dissatisfied for paying for air instead of food

Marina Long, Staff Writer

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      As a teenager, there is a certain amount of time that you can go without a little snack. By the time your lunch period comes along, that time is just about up. Waiting in the lunch line, you eye down the rack of any kind of junk food you wish for. There is always the typical meal given, a hamburger, a hot dog, maybe even some spaghetti if you are lucky (or unlucky). But there is always a spot that only junk food can fill. It can be filled everyday or only once a week but if it isn’t filled, nothing good can come out of it.

     The bag of chips are calling! They are bought and taken back to the lunch table. The entree of the lunch is eaten first, the protein and the veggies forced down the throat and into the stomach.The void is screaming to be filled! The sound of the bag opening is music to the ears. But, looking down into the bag, there are only like 10 chips! What!? Out of the whole bag, three fourths of it is filled with air! Granted the air smells amazing, we would rather have amazing tasting chips! A dollar was supposed to be a deal – whole bag of chips – it sounded amazing. In reality you were buying a bag of air that happened to have some chips in it.

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The student media of Cinco Ranch High School
The Chip Deficiency