Teamwork, unity lead softball to undefeated district record


Sofia Guevara, staff writer

After beginning their season in January, the Varsity softball team remains undefeated in district play. An experienced returning squad serves as the foundation for this year’s team. According to sophomore Karli Hamilton, the secret to this year’s success is teamwork, not just growth from previous years.

“Something that stands out about us is that for us, we are always a team, on and off the field,” Hamilton said. “There is never anyone trying to put themselves before everyone else, it is always what is best for the team.”

Though the team is optimistic about this season, players are looking to gain an advantage by using practices and games to improve.  Practice consists of quickly paced defensive drills that, if performed incorrectly, the team must repeat. Practices also include batting stations and cardio drills that focus on developing mechanics.

“We have improved a lot mentally,” Hamilton said. “We have tons and tons of talent, but when it comes down to it, your mental game has to be just as good as your talent, and this year we do not let things get to us. We do not get down on ourselves, we just play the game.”

According to Hamilton, several of the team’s goals are to stay undefeated in district, win playoffs and advance to state.

” [Our] non-district rivalries include Pearland, the Woodlands, and Bellaire,” sophomore Brittany Nollkamper said. “If we show up and play our best, the wins will come.”

According to Nollkamper, leadership and support are a vital part of the team’s success. Nollkamper also cites the coaches’ experience as a source of success.

“You can’t be a championship team without support,” Nollkamper said. “Our coaches are so good at what they do and can always pick us up when we fall. We love all three of them to death.”

The players create an emotional foundation by supporting each other throughout the season.

“It is hard to always have a good attitude and always be positive, but when you take a step back, you realize that the small things don’t matter as long as you are out there encouraging everyone else,” Hamilton said. “I have learned that building everyone around you up will help build yourself up as well.”

According to Hamilton and Nollkamper, when it comes down to it, the ladies just play and work through ups and downs together.

“The relationships we have on the team are more than just teammates,” Hamilton said. “We get along really well and really care about each other. I think that is what separates us from other teams.”

UPDATE: The team will now advance to bi-districts to play against Chavez High School after becoming District Champions.

Jordin Wilkins eagerly watches the game from the dugout.
After Hamilton hits a home run, the team groups together to celebrate.