Experience, connections build confidence for softball

Sofia Guevara, Features Editor

The softball Lady Cougars have been preparing for this season all year not only physically but more importantly mentally. This year the team attributes their success to team chemistry on and off the field.

All the players are returning athletes from last years team, with the exception of sophomore Macey Esser and junior Gabby Servello. In light of this the team consists of more mature and experienced players. The team is undefeated in district play.

“We have a very experienced district championship team returning,” coach Jerry Miller said. “We have been state ranked since the end of the 2012 season. [This year] we are fine tuning the detail parts of our game.”

After the season started in February, the team has secured numerous district wins. Additionally, the girls beat Corpus Christi Carroll, a team that won their district last year and one of the top teams in south Texas and the Woodlands 7-2 ,one of the top teams in the state.

“[The Woodlands game] was probably one of my favorite games because we beat them and a lot of people don’t end up beating them, and we ended up pulling it off,” junior Brittany Nollkamper said.

According to junior Karli Hamilton the team is taking the season one game at a time and is working to achieve one goal: the state championship in June.

“Even though we have been ranked really high, in the end it doesn’t matter unless you win the games that you need to win,” Nollkamper said. “You can’t be focused on the rankings the whole time, you have to be focused on taking the right swings, and making the right plays.”

Not only are determination and goal setting main factors in their wins but also unity and growth.

“We have all come to realize that it isn’t about us, we went from a selfish team to a selfless team in less than a year. we work for each other and nothing but each other,” Hamilton said.

Despite current personal challenges, the girls find a refuge on the field with their teammates and friends.

“Through everything we are still a team,” Hamilton said. “Some of us have been going through some really tough stuff, but softball is our get-away. It’s the one thing we do to where we don’t have to think about everything going on. It’s brought us closer because we’re family. Anything that affects one of us, affects all of us and how we cope with that is what makes us a solid team.”


Senior Kayla Ober steps up to the plate at the Katy ISD Invitational on Feb. 13.
Senior Kayla Ober steps up to the plate at the Katy ISD Invitational on Feb. 13.