Boys soccer kicks into gear

Jack Woolsey

Elizabet Hale, Staff writer

Senior Jack Woolsey takes his video camera with him to every soccer game of the season, hoping to film something behind the scenes that people in the stands would never see. He wants outsiders to see how close of a group they are, and all of the boys on the team agree that they have a close bond.

“I love the team chemistry we have and how we play together,” senior captain Conner Fulton said.

The boys’ varsity season started on Jan. 12, and is in full swing. With a record of 2-4-2, the boys are optimistic for the road ahead.

“It would be awesome if we won districts and made it to the state tournament before I graduate,” Fulton said.

The entire squad is hoping to make it to districts, which started on Feb. 3.

“Our main goal is focusing on winning and going as far as we can into the postseason,” sophomore keeper Alex Yanez said.

Yanez believes that the team’s priority is to practice maintaining a collective team work ethic.

“Our biggest challenge this year will probably be team consistency,” head coach John Crow said.

Still, according to Crow, even the most focused players can succumb to small things that are beyond their control.

“I guess my least favorite part of playing is the cold weather,” Yanez said. “You can tell that it sometimes affects our game play.”

Even when the weather is bad and the practices are rough, the boys are still glad to participate as a part of the team.

“I really just like the team bonding and just getting along with all the players,” Yanez said, “It is really cool and fun experience.”

Additionaly, Woolsey is eager to make a video at the end of the season which represents the most fun times and the team’s hard work.

“I’ve been making videos forever,” Woolsey said. “I thought it would be cool to film the team this year so they can look back on it in the years to come.”

While team bonding is a priority for the team, the players are dedicating more effort to who they believe is their largest sources competition: Seven Lakes and Strake Jesuit.

“A lot of people count us out of those games,” Fulton said. “And that is why we love playing against them.”

Along with being the boys’ coach on the field, Crow encourages his players to focus on their grades and life outside of the team.

“My goal is for the players to perform at their best at every game,” Crow said.”[But] I want them to be positive role models in the classroom, on the field, and in the community, and to represent Cinco Ranch with integrity.”

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