‘Pennies for Presents’ fundraiser delivers donations

Trevor Nichols, News Editor

Students and staff raised over $3000 in the Pennies for Presents fundraiser. Assistant Head Custodian Terrell Jones (Mr. T.) distributed the presents from the fundraiser on Dec. 26th and 28th.

“Giving out those presents felt better than winning the lottery,” T. said. “I felt like I had all the riches in the world.”

Pennies for Presents is a nonprofit fundraising program in which students and faculty donate money to buy presents for children in Mexico with disabilities. This year’s fundraiser was a school record for the highest amount raised for Pennies for Presents.

“Donations are part of our moral duty to those who are not as privileged as us,” senior Luis Espinoza said. “I’m glad I contributed, even though it wasn’t very much.”

The three staff members that raised the most money for the fundraiser were Steven Fish, whose classes raised $468.82, Amber Schmidt, whose classes raised $371.02, and Julia Lozano, whose classes raised $162.

“I care about Pennies for Patients, because I have lived in Latin American countries, and I know how little money is put aside for those children,” Lozano said. “That made it very important to me.”

National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society also donated over $1300 worth of gift certificates for the fundraiser.

“Seeing those kids’ faces has recharged me,” T. said. “I am now charged and ready to make it through the next year. It’s all thanks to the students.”