Underrated Rom-Coms

Movies to watch during the season of love.


Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Leap Year- The ultimate enemies to lovers rom-com. Boston realtor Anna becomes tired of waiting for her boyfriend to propose. She learns of an old Celtic tradition, where on Leap Year a girl can propose to her boyfriend. She goes to Dublin where her boyfriend is attending a conference. She runs into trouble however, when her flight gets delayed and she ends up in a small Irish town. She makes a deal with the snarky local pub owner, Declan, for him to drive her all the way to Dublin. They experience much together, as they travel through the rocky roads of Ireland and of love. 

Love Rosie- One of the ultimate friends to lovers stories. Rosie and Alex grow up together. They deny their feelings for each other over and over again. They get separated time after time by circumstances and life. Will they make the sacrifices to make the relationship work? 

The Proposal- Facing deportation, high up book editor Margaret forces her assistant Andrew to pretend to marry her in order to avoid deportation. Will they discover true feelings for each other along the way? 

About Time- A young man learns that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. He uses it to navigate love, and learn the hard lessons life has to offer. 

Love Potion 9- The perfect nerdy love story. Lonely biochemist Paul visits a witch and receives a love potion that claims it will make every woman he speaks to attracted to him. He decides to experiment with it and gets help from one of his animal psychologist friends, Diane. They both end up using the potion to attract others, but ultimately realize their true attraction for each other.