Review: Pop-punk band Hot Mulligan Releases Sophomore Album

Abigail Fosburgh, Staff Photographer

Pop-punk band Hot Mulligan released their sophomore album, “you’ll be fine”, to an eager fan base on March 6. The album matches the energy of the band’s previous albums. The album exemplifies the very definition of the typical Hot Mulligan emphasis on the drums and guitar. 

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The songs on “you’ll be fine” blend perfectly to create a seamless transition from song to song. Each song has a similar feel while maintaining its individuality. The album’s first song, “OG Blue Sky”, is attention-grabbing and the drums it opens with makes it immediately recognizable as a song by Hot Mulligan. The three singles from the album, “*Equip Sunglasses*”, “Feal Like Crab” and “BCKYRD” perfectly showcase the album as a whole. The singles are established as high energy early on through the use of drums and guitar and vocals that are loud and filled with enough screams to match the typical pop-punk song formula.  

Not all songs from the album are cookie-cutter Hot Mulligan tracks. One song, in particular, stands out among the rest as being something of an experiment with the band’s sound. The final track, “The Song Formerly Known As Intro”, starts off so wildly different from the standard sound of the band that the only tip that it is a Hot Mulligan song is the sound of the lead singer, Nathan Sanville’s voice. The beginning of the song begins with a mellow tune and equally quiet vocals, before transitioning to the familiar, drum filled sound. Despite being the shortest song on the record, “The Song Formerly Known As Intro”, has the greatest range of sounds.

Another standout song is track eight, “Digging In”. It is the only song on the album that the band provided a content warning for, and with the topic matter, it is easy to see why. Rather than taking the typical melancholy approach most would take when speaking on this topic, Hot Mulligan chose to focus on the anger. The song is certainly heavy, but it captures the raw emotion.

As a whole, “you’ll be fine” is a masterfully written and produced album that has a song for all listeners.

8/10 (If they decide to make “The Song Formerly Known As Intro” longer.)