Sticking to the top

Australian band’s sophomore album worthy of American charts

Every so often the music industry is rocked with major acts originating from a specific country. The 90’s were defined by the British, as Oasis and Blur battled each other on the charts while the Spice Girls and Sclub 7 took over the world’s biggest pop bands. Now, Australian musicians are starting to get more recognition with Chet Faker, Flume and Tame Impala, and most recently with Sydney-based band Sticky Fingers.

The five piece band found both homeland and international success in the UK and Europe with their freshman album, Caress your Soul. A little bit over a year later they released their sophomore album, Land of Pleasure, which landed in the third spot in the Australian Album Charts. Land of Pleasure does not stray away much from Caress your Soul, as the guys keep their reggae, rock and psychedelic sound on point.

The album titled opening track sets the mood for the rest of the LP with its overpowering synth that enhances the lead singer’s long notes. It starts off with an unexpected electronic beat, similar to one you would find on a video game, but when the guitar is slowly transitioned in, it comes together magically.  Apart from the expanded vocal notes, the singer initiates a less authentic type of rap.

Keeping the electronic beat in the second tune of the album, “Feast your Eyes” is more lightweight due to the elimination of the heavy synth. Instead, the bass shines throughout. Mixing all these elements together create a  summery vibe, something that one might listen to when lounging around or driving through an open road.

Reggae soon enters the album during “Rum Rage,” the fourth track on the album. Sooner or later one will find their body swaying side to side following each guitar strum and the bass that appears every so often. This song is a bit more serious and relatable than the ones before. The chorus of Track 4 talks about starting over in a new place, somewhere where opportunities lie:

Packing up my suitcase, cause I’m going far away/

I’m going to a place where the credit cards don’t decline on me, yes we finally/

Got a handle on the doors we open and shut.

There is a shift in the last stanza where the speaker realizes that just because they left, their problems have not  disappeared:

Don’t think suddenly that you and me got a handle on the doors we open and shut.

“If You Go” is the standout track that ties it all together. A surreal atmosphere takes over, as it is joined with the synth from the beginning tracks and the long electric guitar riffs, creating a melting pot that defines their unique sound.

Sticky Fingers is yet to reach America, but having taken over ‘Down Under’ and Europe, there is no doubt that this underground band will soon take over the indie charts here in the states. With the smooth vocals, variety of instruments and chill waves, Land of Pleasure earns a 9/10 from me. Something about this five piece band leaves you wanting more by bringing a whimsical, sensational sound to your ears.