Out of left field: sophomore softball player commits to University of Wisconsin


Craig Moseley

Left fielder Hannah Esser, at bat, swings at the softball pitched to her. The softball team will wrap up district play against Memorial on April 5, Taylor on April 13, and Morton Ranch on April 17.

Trevor Nichols, staff writer

Sophomore Hannah Esser gets ready for the pitch. She settles in, preparing herself for a potential hit to left field. Esser is playing the sport that she has played for years, softball. The sport that has taken up so many hours of practice time, but has been so rewarding. The sport that helped her commit to a major university as a sophomore.

“Playing softball to me is a great experience,” Esser said. “We always have fun, and it’s the highlight of my day. Playing is my passion, and I love it.”

Esser is plenty experienced at softball. For one who has played the sport as long she has, the game is almost second nature.

“I first started playing softball when I was five. I’ve played ever since,” Esser said. “I was interested because all of my friends were playing, so I wanted to try too.”

Through much success, Esser’s triumphs on the softball team have brought more than pride. They have brought interest from colleges as well.

“I have been recruited and I committed to the University of Wisconsin,” Esser said. “I will be going there after I graduate.”

Starting last year, Esser put the same determined effort towards getting into the University of Wisconsin as she puts forward playing softball on the field. After contacting the univesity several times, eventually she got their attention,

“I have always wanted to go to school in Wisconsin because my dad’s side of the family lives there,” Esser said. “I started emailing the coach last year. I would send her my game schedule so she could come watch. I also went to camps. It took a lot of effort but it finally paid off.”

Because she has committed to University of Wisconsin as a sophomore, Esser will not have to worry about the college searches that usually accompany the beginning of senior year. As a sophomore, Esser already is completely set in for college. As long as she continues performing on the field like she has been, she is guaranteed a spot at the University of Wisconsin on the women’s softball team.

“I think her committing to a Division I school is awesome for her, and she certainly deserves it,” center field senior Caitlyn Henry said. “Hannah has put in many hard hours on and off the field and plays with all her heart. She absolutely loves the game, and I think she will be a good new player for the Wisconsin team.”

Despite the excitement of being committed to the University of Wisconsin, Esser is not finished here. She still has two more years of playing at a high school level, and is sure to give it her all.

“We are very happy for, and proud of, Hannah and her choice of Wisconsin,” softball coach Jerry Miller said. “The Badgers will be getting a wonderful person who will definitely impact their softball program and campus. We are, however, not ready to ship her “up north” yet. We have a lot of winning to do here at Cinco Ranch before Hannah and her outstanding group of sophomore teammates graduate.”

Whether on the field or off, Esser will continue to put her considerable determination towards continuing on the path to success.

“I’m motivated by always trying to do my best,” Esser said. “I always give 110 percent. I don’t want to let my team down, and I want to be a key player. I’m very determined and know that I can make a positive impact.”