Golfers swing up to par

Camryn Fuller, Staff Writer

Last season the Cougars advanced to state and placed sixth. Although proud of their accomplishment, the team is constantly finding room for improvement. This year they have already won the regional preview, but they have their sights set on winning state. The girls’ team was invited to play in the state preview tournament in Austin on Feb. 24-25. The tournament will be hosted by the defending champion, Austin Westlake High School

The boys lost their star would-be sophomore Connor Black who decided to take home schooling in order to maximize golf practice time. However with five returning varsity players as well as freshman Kyle Rogers, the team has received one first place finish and one second place finish.

“Even though golf is an individual sport, we have to be a supportive team because it can become very nerve racking,” sophomore Kennedy Ishee said. “It also teaches us about team work, not being selfish and working well with others, our coach knows these things are going to be very important throughout our whole lives.”

The team has group dinners once a week, particularly the night before a tournament. They have also decided to hold weekly movie nights at one of the player’s houses to build unity.

 “Although there are always difficulties to overcome, our team is so strong, and it seems like with the help of our amazing coach, we can get through anything.” Ishee said.

Team members agree believing that having a close team makes for more determination to win.

 “Being such a close team is really important for us because if we aren’t close, we can’t win. We all need to be there for each other to give support, we are all really good at that.” sophomore Michael Chittwood said.

Golf is a sport that takes time and patience, but the golfers at Cinco Ranch make a point to keep the fun in the game they love.

“I’ve been playing golf since I was three. My dad is the one who got me really into it though,” Chittwood said. “I love playing because it is challenging, most people think all you have to do is hit a ball into a hole but it isn’t. It is a lot more fun than that. It is about being a part of a team and making memories.”