Cinco Public Radio No. 3

The Shutdown

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As of midnight eastern time October 1st, Congress had agreed to disagree. Republican Congressman, Ted Cruz, from Texas sparked a debate on the infamous Obamacare law, which started a rift in the Democratic controlled senate. Unable to come to a consensus Congress split between conservative and liberal policies on the federal budget. This failure to fund the federal budget will mean the closing of many federal parks, museums, libraries and other agencies in Texas. George W. Bush Library in College Station and Lyndon B. Johnson Library in Austin will quickly become obsolete in the shutdown. The IRS will soon be shut down, however taxes will be expected despite the closure. Other federal government employees considered “non-essential” will be furloughed. This break in federal budget will put 800,000 federal workers on furlough, a temporary pause without pay. United States landmarks such as Yosemite National Park which recently celebrated its 123rd birthday and the Statue of Liberty, will go unlit and unkempt until Congress makes a decision on how the government should be ran.

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