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Blazer Up: Gentlemen raise enthusiasm level at sporting events

Stark Harle

Ebone' McCall, Entertainment Editor

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The Cinco Gentlemen is not an ordinary school pep or cheerleading squad. These blazer-wearing men are students from all grade levels, who go out to school games and cheer for the Cougar teams.

Before the group was created, other district schools noticed the intensity and loudness of the student section at the volleyball and basketball games. Because of their behavior, the creators of the group chose a name that “displayed class.” The all-male group was created by six seniors, called the Head Gentlemen—Ben Johnson, Cameron Marti, Jake Armitage, Taylor Wann, Jake Glass, and Blake McKenna—in order to bring back some school spirit that seemed lost.

“We wanted to create a group that might potentially change the face of Cinco Ranch athletics,” Head Gentleman Johnson said.

According to members, females are not a part of the Cinco Gentlemen because working with males allows the members to form a bond with one another, on and off the court.

Other than being male, the criterion for being in the group is being loud enough for the other team’s fans to hear. During volleyball season, the group chants and makes noise while the other team is serving, in order to throw off their serving rhythm and eventually break down the opponent’s momentum. Johnson says one of his favorite cheers is to do a back flip or two when the volleyball team is on his side of the stands to pump up the crowd. Because the group does chants and stunts, the Cinco Gentlemen attempt to have an equal part of the sporting event along with the cheerleaders.

Every football game day, all members of the group wear a blazer during school to show their support for the varsity football team. They also wear blazers to the volleyball games. The attire goes along with the overall classy look the group strives to display. Although there is some biased cheering  to distract other players, the ensemble also hopes to portray a sense of class.

“The only guideline is that we try to be respectful to the players and other teams,” Head Gentlemen Cameron Marti said.

Once the volleyball season ends, basketball season will start and the “gentlemen” will move their spirit to the basketball games. Many members have said the basketball season gets “way crazier” because the crowd gets more into the game compared to volleyball.

Because many of the members are seniors, some actions have been taken to carry on the Cinco Gentlemen legacy. The six Head Gentlemen at the end of the year choose six other members to take their place for the following year.

“I would hope that we can get a large enough group to carry this on for the next couple of years at least,” Marti said. “I want to come back in five years to see that Cinco Gentlemen is still going strong.”

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The student media of Cinco Ranch High School
Blazer Up: Gentlemen raise enthusiasm level at sporting events