Snappy’s pleasantly surprises

Elizabeth Hale, Co- Web Editor

As I walk in to Snappy’s in down town Katy, my senses are overwhelmed, positively and negatively. The restaurant, a smoke filled small building with both short and long tables that sit up to ten people, is full of hustle and bustle.

A waitress kindly pointed out my friend to me sitting in the back corner (she could tell we weren’t her regular customers) with a smile on her face. When my party was finally settled, we decided on whether we wanted breakfast or lunch food. Snappy’s, which is only open until 3 p.m. has various types of breakfast and lunch food including omelets, sandwiches,  salads, soups, and other platters.

My only complaint I can make is the constant over bearing stench of cigarette smoke. By the time I left the restaurant my jacket absolutely reeked of it, and I had to wash it before I could get the smell out.

Even after my friends and I overstayed our welcome a good 30 minutes, and I left my debit card on the counter, the service was friendly and inviting. The staff knew most of the customers by their name, and they seemed like they were old friends.

After two days of waiting I finally returned to pick up my debit card, and the owner remembered me. He sighed, gave me a pat on the back, and wished me a happy new year.

Overall, my experience at Snappy’s was one I enjoyed, and was honestly presently surprised. The service was great, and the employees were kind. The food was homey, and the diner feel seemed old fashioned. I give my experience at Snappy’s an A+, and cannot wait to get food there with my friends again.