Little Miss Sunshine unites Cinco through smiles

I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to spread love through something as simple as smiles

I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to spread love through something as simple as smiles

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

In a school of thousands, people can pass by unnoticed for years. Recognizing someone’s name has become the equivalent of knowing them, which explains why most friendships between classmates go undeveloped. This realization came to me when I pictured myself sitting down in a maroon cap and gown, with strangers on all sides. It would be a little hard to befriend hundreds of classmates between now and then, but I hope that this blog will capture qualities that transform strangers into friends. Knowing the reason behind students’ smiles will gift the public eye with a different point of view.

The Reason Why I Smile

A smile stands for agreement, acknowledgement, but most importantly, happiness. Aside from the occasional fake smiles, showing our teeth is a sign to the world that there is something to be happy about out.

Tomorrow, students are guaranteed to walk by someone who is struggling with something. That thing could be depression, divorce, the loss of a family member, or even the feeling of their own life slipping away. This is why smiles are necessary – to show that despite whatever the day may bring, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

When we get caught up in the moment, life can be exhausting. There are days when things just do not go as planned, which is why I am thankful for the little things. So when the big things fail and you are just waiting for the sky to fall, a child’s laugh from down the street will fill you with a small amount of joy. The long, slobbery kiss from your dog that you usually dodge could be the reason you feel loved that day. Basically, the blessings we so often take for granted become magnified as we realize their true value.

There is one thing in the life of every person on this earth that makes them smile. Personally, I have a weakness for funny animal videos and a baby’s laughter. When that does not work, knowing that I am on this earth for a reason brings hope into whatever situation I go through.

Simply knowing that my actions or my words possibly touched someone’s heart or that my writing could be enough to convince you to smile encourages me.

I can rely on these things to keep my spirits high, or at least bearable. One of your classmates, though, might not have something to hold on to when things get rough. As minimal as a smile can seem, it can be the reason that they keep on fighting. Your acknowledgement through a smile could be enough to convince them that people do notice their presence.

Even if all else fails and your smile was not powerful enough, long enough, bright enough, or genuine enough to touch someone’s heart, at least it changed how you felt inside. For that split second when your lips parted into a glistening smile, your mind recognized it as a sign of joy.

This blog is my attempt to highlight the reasons that students at Cinco smile. It is my goal to use my writing in creating a connection between strangers all across campus.