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Sarah Kotb, Future Pageant Queen

Sarah Kotb, Future Pageant Queen
“My journey to the Crown and my Journey to finding myself ”
October 30, 2020

    Sarah Kotb is a current senior struggling to complete her early admission just like most teens in America trying to balance her AP courses, an internship with a Congressman, her activities in Cinco...

Ahriel Tyson

Ahriel Tyson's introduction to Aerospace Scieneces was when she watched Neil DeGrasse Tyson's
Cinco Ranch Senior Begins A Journey To Infinity and Beyond
May 5, 2020

While many students express they are “reaching for the stars,” Senior Ahriel Tyson wants to reach for the stars literally as she embarks from Cinco Ranch to pursue a major in Aerospace Science. Since...

Alyssa Watkins

Thespian pursues acting career
May 4, 2018

Dedication, callbacks, perseverance and packed audiences. For senior Alyssa Watkins, these are only glimpses of what she goes through in her career as an aspiring actress. But she wasn’t always the...

Ratna Ramaraju

Ratna Ramaraju
Family inspires senior to pursue career in medical field
May 2, 2018

To diminish the worries of getting into college and graduate school in one step seems too good to be true. Getting into a college is daunting, and not to mention dealing with the competitiveness of graduate...

Conquering the concrete jungle

Senior recounts weekend spent touring New York alone
January 13, 2017

My backpack, a metrocard, and a friendly warm southern smile are all I had with me when I arrived to the ‘Big Apple’. Just a warning, there is no giant apple in the middle of the city, do not be fooled...

Senior keeps the faith, moves forward after losing mom

Senior Jamie Lynne Tatum with her older brother, Kyle Tatum and mother, Andrea Lynne Tatum.
April 12, 2013

When the phone call came, it was the call senior Jamie Lynne Tatum had been preparing for her whole life. One look on her phone screen told her everything - she knew it had happened. Her mother, Andrea...

Ludowig makes commitment to Air Force to live out his dream

Ludowig makes commitment to Air Force to live out his dream
May 11, 2012

One fifth of a second. That is how long it took senior Alex Ludowig to sign the commitment papers that secured his spot in the United States Air Force Academy. Ludowig started playing football as a...

Past pranks, future pranks

April 5, 2012

Senior pranks have been a tradition among the graduating classes from high schools and colleges, usually involving mayhem and outrageous tricks. Mostly thought of as a final distinguishing mark of their...

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