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Featuring Alumni – Claire A Jac Jones

2003 CRHS graduate Claire A Jac Jones transitioned from the world for theater set design to running her own Tiny House design business business. The Cinco alum credits her high school CTRC experience for setting the foundation of her career pathway in design.

Claire Haigwood, Staff Writer

April 1, 2019

After a successful high school career with the Cinco Ranch Theater Company and achieving a  bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts, alumnae Claire A Jac Jones thought she knew exactly what kind of career she wanted to have. “I started off in the theater world,” Jones said. “I worked as a scenic designer, a pai...

Top 5 Austin City Limits Performances

Claire Haigwood, Staff Writer

October 25, 2018

Paul McCartney After years of trying to book the former member of The Beatles, Austin City Limits finally succeeded. The 76 year-old rock legend played a nearly two and a half hour long set filled with tracks spanning throughout his career of over five decades. He was as energetic and enthusi...

Alyssa Watkins

Joe Powell, Staff Writer

May 4, 2018

Dedication, callbacks, perseverance and packed audiences. For senior Alyssa Watkins, these are only glimpses of what she goes through in her career as an aspiring actress. But she wasn’t always the star people know her as today. “I’ve been acting since Kindergarten, Pre-K, and as long as I ...

Ratna Ramaraju

Ratna Ramaraju

Sarah Sheikh, Staff Writer

May 2, 2018

To diminish the worries of getting into college and graduate school in one step seems too good to be true. Getting into a college is daunting, and not to mention dealing with the competitiveness of graduate school in a few years to come. Since the beginning of her education, the aspiration to become a doct...

Close-up and Personal

Claire Haigwood, Staff writer

February 16, 2018

Tourists sightseeing, politicians hurrying to work and drivers blaring: a typical scene on any street in our nation’s capital. Amid the chaos, however, a group of students from halfway across the country navigate the disorderly roads on their annual trip to Washington, D.C. “My mom thought it wo...

It’s a boy!

Mrs. Jenschke celebrates the gender reveal of her baby boy

Morgan Blevins, Contributing writer

December 13, 2017

It’s 3:15 after school on Tuesday. Around 30 FFA members are standing outside at the back of the school behind the floral lab and ag shop. Everybody cheers and yells for Mrs. Jenschke to crack open the golden egg. Tears prick her eyes as she laughs. “Y’all are going to make me cry!” After...

College vs. Cinco

Snovia Moiz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

December 15, 2014

Chick-fil-a. Football games. Maroon out. LaCenterra. These, among other things, characterize Cinco Ranch. Something most residents and students fail to notice is the seclusion from the outside world that Cinco offers. Sometimes Cinco can seem like its own world. This revelation was very clear for college...

In true Cinco style

Junior Courtney Morris applies makeup to senior Julia Riffle on one of the club’s events, Cosmetology Day.

Sara Saavedra, staff writer

April 11, 2014

Fashion. One word with infinite possibilities. It channels the phases throughout life and serves as a way to express personalities. Most people follow the trends, yet there are few that take them to a whole different level and strive to inspire others. Although fairly new, the Cinco Fashion Club has...

The Introvert Extrovert Debate

Snovia Moiz, Voice Editor

February 17, 2014

The Matter of It All  Grey and white has quite literally become the new black. Grey and white matter in the brain that is. “You have to remember that everybody has differences in their brains,” school psychologist Dr. Courtney Alison said. “The brain is very complex. There are a bun...

CRHS fine arts department presents: ‘Spamalot’

Sofia Guevara, Features Editor

December 18, 2013

Costumes Junior Stephanie Huisman is costume crew head this production. As crew head, Huisman receives orders from directors and oversees a team of seven people. They research costumes and designs, and then order or make them. “I’m in charge of making sure that everything happens smoothly and tha...

Sophomore follows dream to become racecar driver, continues kart racing

Sophomore follows dream to become racecar driver, continues kart racing

Molly Wade, Co-Web Editor

April 12, 2013

The engines start and the roar is deafening. When he speeds out of the pits, the wind snaps in his face as he whips around the corners. It takes all of his concentration and control to finish the race. This is what karting is to sophomore Connor Beique. Go-kart racing is a motor racing sport that...

Student victim to hate crime

Molly Wade, Co-Web Editor

February 19, 2013

Sophomore Iris Cho remembers the day her dad told her that her family would be moving, remembers the day she left South Korea, remembers the day she arrived in America. But most of all, she remembers the taunts that she experienced at a young age. Questions and statements like ‘go back to [your]...

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