It’s a boy!

Agriculture teacher reveals baby’s gender


Mrs. Jenschke celebrates the gender reveal of her baby boy

Morgan Blevins, Contributing writer

It’s 3:15 after school on Tuesday. Around 30 FFA members are standing outside at the back of the school behind the floral lab and ag shop. Everybody cheers and yells for Mrs. Jenschke to crack open the golden egg. Tears prick her eyes as she laughs.

“Y’all are going to make me cry!”

After one last look around at the swarm of people crowding in front of her, Mrs. J opens the egg and lifts it up in the air. Blue powder flies through the wind as the crowd erupts in screams, claps, and laughs.

Mrs. Jenschke is having a baby boy!

When Mrs. Jenschke, an agriculture teacher, told her students she was expecting, she was immediately bombarded with questions about the gender, name, and due date of her baby. At the time she didn’t know the gender, but promised her students there would be some type of gender reveal for anyone who wanted to come.

“I was going to do something where you get a balloon and it was filled with color, but we cannot have latex at school,” Mrs. Jenschke said. “So, after thinking for a few days I thought of cracking eggs and having a powdered color inside.”

The gender reveal was on Tuesday Nov 7 after school. At around 3:15 p.m. Mrs. Jenschke led around 40 of her students outside in the back of the school to reveal her baby’s gender. Everyone stood in a circle with a pink or blue egg which had flour in it. One of them, according to Mrs. Jenschke, supposedly had the color of the gender inside of it.

 “I wanted to come up with something that I could have the students participate in and not just watch,” Mrs. Jenschke said. “Eventually, I decided on spray painting eggs blue and pink [to give to the students] and I would be the one to share the good news [with the golden egg]. So after everyone opened their eggs and it just had flour in it, mine would be the Golden Egg which would have the colored powder in it!”

Most of her students, according to a poll that took place on her chalkboard, thought the baby was a boy. Mrs. Jenschke, along with her husband and family, thought it would be a girl and also wanted it to be a girl.

“Who doesn’t like big bows and tutus?!” Mrs. Jenschke said.

Not only did Mrs. Jenschke reveal the gender of her baby, but also the name- Brannon James Jenschke.

“We [Mrs. J and her husband] heard the name Brannon before and just liked it,” Mrs. Jenschke said. “James is my husband Kevin’s and also his father’s middle name, so we wanted to carry on the tradition.”