Science Olympiad competes for state qualifier

Molly Wade, Co-Web Editor

The Science Olympiad team competed at College Station for Texas Science Olympiad. They competed against 30 other schools, both private and public, in the final state qualifier the weekend of May 4 and 5.

The competition was comprised of 23 individual competitions that varied in topic. The team finished in 25th place overall. The team is 60 percent sophomores and freshman.

Top 10 finishers were:
Daniel Shipchandler (9th) and Michael Berckemeyer (9th) –            9th overall in MAGLEV
Zain Merchant (11th) and Haochen Peng (10th) –                                 8th overall in ASTRONOMY
Michael Berckemeyer (9th) and Daniel Shipchandler (9th) –            9th overall in CIRCUIT LAB
Haochen Peng (9th) and Akira Bai (11th) –                                               10 overall in FERMI QUESTIONS
Annie Dang (10th) and Samrath Kaur (12th) –                                         9th overall in TECHNICAL PROBLEM SOLVING
Michael Berckemeyer (9th) and William Xu –                                        9th overall in WRITE IT, DO IT