Bravo Show Choir presents “School Daze”

Bravo Show Choir presents School Daze

Top Row Left to Right: senior Matthew Nelson, senior Julian Peraza, sophomore Connor Ughetta, and junior Austin Crosby. Left Side Top to Bottom: senior Bethany Marshall, senior Melanie Mozer, sophomore Ryan Pierson, junior Rachel Treistman, junior Eubie Pabilona, sophomore Miles Ellis, junior Carlos Torres, senior Lauren Linderman, and senior Chelsea Bettis. Right Side Top to Bottom: junior Hannah Ballard, junior Kimberly Coolidge, senior Lindsay Bartlett, junior Eric Morgan, sophomore Madison Rice, senior Victoria Nation, senior Celeste Galindo, and sophomore Victoria Sweitzer.

Trevor Nichols, staff writer

The Bravo Show Choir performed its recent show, “School Daze,” on May 3, 4, and 5 in the Performing Arts Center. The production was produced entirely by students.

“It has been student driven from its conception,” Publicity Chair Karen Coolidge said.

The Bravo production featured an array of popular songs such as “Rumour Has It,” by Adele, “Any Way You Want It” by Journey, and “Mad World,” by Tears for Fears.

“From the show’s vision, to music arrangements, set design and choreography, as well as transposing several of the songs from ear onto paper in 4 part musical harmony,” Coolidge said, “these gifted performers themselves created what was a unique, outstanding and entertaining production.”