The President’s Speech: Local students learn policy


Seniors Ariana Sharma, Vicky Comensanas, Amber Wang, Eternal Lokumbe, Ryan Oldroyd, Yifan Lu and Taral Patel attended the fundraiser and viewed President Obama’s speech.

Molly Wade, Staff Writer

       On Friday, March 9, several students traveled to Minute Maid Park in order to hear a speech by President Obama. People paid hundreds of dollars to attend the event, but students were granted a discounted rate to hear the President. The event was a formal fundraiser for the 2012 Presidential re-election campaign. Approximately 600 people were in attendance at the Union Station hall in Minute Maid Park. The area was packed, and all tickets were sold out.

        “Once they verified you were on the list of people who signed up for the event, you got a purple wristband, then you stood in a line again for the metal detectors,” senior Vicky Comesanas said. “Secret Service guys were everywhere, but they were pretty cool.”

       There was a reception until the President arrived. Former Major League Baseball center fielder Jimmy Wynn, a representative from the re-election campaign, and single mother and former General Motors worker Debra Jones introduced President Obama to the crowd. “I found out through a friend,” senior Eternal Lokumbe said. “She sent me the link and I got my ticket and we went with a whole bunch of other people.”

      The President was received with open arms by supporters who greeted him inside Minute Maid Park. Houston’s major political icons such as Mayor Annise Parker, Congressman Al Green, Congresswoman Sheila Lee, and Congressman Gene Green were some of the officials in attendance.

      “It felt like I was a part of the political process,” Comesanas said. “Just the fact that he made sure students could come hear him speak was awesome. To me it meant that he cares about getting the next generation of Americans involved in government.”

       Obama spoke about the survival and resurgence of the American auto industry which has become profitable again after federal assistance from the Bush and Obama adminstrations in addition to other topics like students being able to afford college.  

       “The American auto industry is back,” he said. “America is coming back.”

       “He just kind of has a way with words that doesn’t make you feel like you’re watching politics,” Lokumbe said. “He really engages you in the discussion and he has a sense of humor which is awesome.”

      The president also praised his landmark heath care law. Furthermore, the president called for a reform of the current tax system.

       “If you make a million dollars a year, you shouldn’t be paying a lower rate than their secretary,” he said.

       “His speech was so incredibly motivating,” Comesanas said. “As ‘dorky’ as it sounds, I cannot wait to be a voter.”